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WIPO全球产品和服务指南:AI工具(WIPO AI Tools)(系列报道之三)

2020-12-22 | 查看: 130



This article looks at the artificial intelligence (AI) tools provided by WIPO, including WIPO Translate, Image Search for Brands, Speech to Text and Automatic Patent Classification.



1.WIPO翻译WIPO Translate


WIPO Translate is a translation software for specialized text. Originally created to translate patent documents, WIPO Translate can also be adapted and customized to other technical domains. WIPO Translate is extensively used by innovators, lawyers, translators, intellectual property professionals and many others to help them to understand technology that is being developed in other languages.


The main advantage of WIPO Translate is the neural machine technology it is built on, which makes the translations it produces highly accurate as they are based on previously translated material.

WIPO Translate应用

Why WIPO Translate?

1.WIPO翻译用于翻译专利文献 WIPO Translate for patent documents


WIPO Translate – seamlessly integrated into WIPO's PATENTSCOPE database, providing access to more than 78 million national and international patent documents – produces translations of patent documents, especially those that are complex in their content. Access is free-of-charge.

2. WIPO翻译用于第三方使用WIPO Translate for third parties


WIPO Translate is available for use by third parties via standard licensing agreements. WIPO’s team of experts can help install and set up the software locally for privacy protection.

访问链接 Link


操作路径 How to use it?



Select a language pair and a patent domain;



Copy the content for translation into the textbox on the left. The translation will pop up on its right.

2.品牌图形检索Image Search for Brands


It is a new AI-powered image search technology that makes it faster and easier to establish the distinctiveness of a trademark in a target market. With fewer results to scrutinize, this also translates into labor-cost savings for trademark examiners, attorneys and paralegals, industry practitioners and researchers.


The AI-based Image Search for trademarks is successfully integrated into the database search engine of the Global Brand Database and provides state-of-the-art image classification and a search of similar trademarks. All users can access this technology for free.

访问链接 Link


操作路径 How to use it?



Type in keyword(s) in Image Class like “lakes”;



After clicking on ‘Search’, you will see the information of all trademarks that fulfill the description of Image Class;



Don’t forget to delete previous searches before starting a new one.

3.语音转文字Speech to Text


WIPO Speech to Text is a powerful transcription tool which automatically converts audio and video content into text using artificial intelligence. It was specifically designed for international meetings and conferences. Once trained in a specific subject area, it out-performs other general-purpose transcription tools. For example, this tool can transcribe one hour of video/audio in five minutes when supported by the appropriate IT infrastructure.


How can I get it for my organization?


WIPO Speech to Text is available via standard licensing agreements and WIPO’s team of experts can even help you to install and set up the tool.

访问链接 Link



 (Access the website via Firefox or Chrome

查看使用案例Speech to Text used in Previous Conferences



Choose a conference recording;



The transcript of the meeting is shown on the page below the video. Click on any word to jump to the corresponding video.

4.自动化专利分类Automatic Patent Classification


It is a categorization assistance tool for the International Patent Classification (IPC) system mainly designed to, with the use of AI, help classify patents at IPC class, subclass, main group or subgroup level. The tool combines approximately 8,000 neural AI networks and using a training set consisting of 30 million excerpts from human-classified patent documents in English. On the basis of a given input text (typically the abstract of a patent document), IPCCAT offers predictions of most likely corresponding IPC symbols with an accuracy around 84%. Text may be submitted in ten languages including Chinese.


IPCCAT was primarily designed for small and medium sized patent offices to assist them in classifying applications according to the International Patent Classification (IPC).


Other Classifications


WIPO administers four international classifications established by treaties: the International Patent Classification (IPC), the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks (the Nice Classification), the International Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks (the Vienna Classification) and the International Classification for Industrial Designs (the Locarno Classification). Automatic trademark classification (NLC CAT) is under R&D.



操作路径How to use it?



Type keywords in the textbox;



After typing in the keywords, such as “Coffee machine” as shown in the image, click on Search;



After the predictions of the classification are shown, click on the specific classification to see more information;


More WIPO AI tools are under R&D, as shown by the image below.